Everything you ever wanted to know about what happens behind the scenes at your favorite live show.

Live sound console at the Gramercy in NY

About MixMasters Podcast

MixMasters Podcast was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic as a vehicle to share information via long-form, 1-on-1 interviews with some of the world’s best and brightest live sound production engineers.

The host, Steve Litscher, has been involved with live sound for more than thirty years and has worked with thousands of artists, performers, and touring acts from around the world. Steve currently serves as the live sound engineer for several bands, including: Atreyu, Gemini Syndrome, Kerala Dust and Stitched Up Heart. He also mixes monitors for Asking Alexandria.

Steve’s insatiable appetite for knowledge, love of great stories,  and undying passion for music make for informative and entertaining discussions. Steve asks the questions you’ve always wanted the answers to so you’ll get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look into the world of live music. Topics include tour planning and prep, system set-up and tuning, mix philosophies, tour stories, lessons learned, and much more.

When Steve isn’t touring, he can be found living in Wisconsin with his girlfriend. You’ll notice Steve’s midwest accent, so go easy on the ‘ole Cheesehead.

Whether you’re a seasoned FOH engineer, just getting started, or have always wondered about what happens behind the scenes, we hope that you’ll enjoy this podcast, all of its guests, and information. 

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The Gear

Allen & Heath

Steve produces this podcast on the Allen & Heath dLive system. He also mixes on it while on tour.


Steve uses the legendary Shure SM7B studio microphone to record his audio for this podcast. He tours with Shure Axient and Shure PSM1000.


Steve uses Audinate's Dante protocol to send and receive audio for this podcast. He also uses it to manage the band's IEM mixes while on tour.

Waves & Logic

Steve captures the audio for this podcast in Logic Pro and massages it with Waves SuperRack. He tours with Waves SuperRack and Studio Grid.

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