Roundtable discussion about microphones and settings – Episode 024 – MixMasters Podcast

Welcome to season 2 of MixMasters Podcast! In this episode, Steve Litscher (FOH for Stitched Up Heart) sits down with Alex Markides (FOH for Killswitch Engage & Periphery), Ashton Parsons (Monitors for Disturbed & so many others), Bryan Campbell (FOH for Breaking Benjamin) and Travis Wade (FOH for Dance Gavin Dance) to talk in-depth about microphones.

From vocals to drums to instruments and more, the gang shares their experiences with mic selection, placement, processing, incorporating effects, and more. This episode is packed with invaluable information and candid discussion about all things microphone.

Social Media links:

Ashton Parsons: ashtonpar on Instagram
Alex Markides: darkides on Instagram
Bryan Campbell: bryancampbell on Instagram
Travis Wade: deathtotravis on Instagram
Steve Litscher: thegeekysteve on Instagram

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