Mike McAree, FOH for Kidz Bop (and more) – Episode 032 – MixMasters Podcast

Mike McAree joins this episode of MixMasters podcast to talk about his experiences as a FOH engineer for some of the world’s most iconic performers. Mike has mixed for the likes of: Sum 41, Sevendust, In This Moment, Hoobastank, Bishop Briggs, and more.

These days, he’s the Touring FOH engineer for Kidz Bop, which features young performers singing popular contemporary and pop hits. With more than 2.2-million YouTube channel subscribers, you can only imagine the level of production required for live shows.

Mike’s not much of a social media guy, so we don’t have any links to share, but do everyone a favor and share this episode with your friends and colleagues. Mike has a ton of information that he shares, including details about a fully redundant FOH console system that he uses while on tour…