MixMasters Episode 50: Dave Peterson with Steve Litscher (Double Bonus episode)

Welcome to Episode 50 of MixMasters!! Thank you to every single person who has downloaded, listened, subscribed, and commented on this series – I truly appreciate it!

This episode is unusual as it features not one, but two separate guests. In part one, Dave Peterson (FOH, TM, Monitors) joins to provide an update from Upheaval Festival and to share details about SoundEFX’s newest gear additions (including one very large piece of gear).

Part two features Steve Litscher (FOH, TM, Monitors). What?! Yep, that’s right. I sit down with Dave to tell some of my story. I’ve received a bunch of e-mail, messages and comments asking about my history, as well as a number of other questions, so I figured it was time to answer some of them on the podcast. I give a number of shoutouts to friends and colleagues; sorry if I missed anyone along the way – I’m not used to chatting so much.

I hope you enjoy this milestone episode; it’s longer than usual and it probably sounds quite different as we used some different gear (including a new mastering suite in Logic, which truth be told, I’m not thrilled about)… and we’ve been away from our mics for a few months. I also didn’t edit this episode as heavily as I normally would, so you’ll hear more pauses, more “ums” and “ahhs” but the conversation felt so natural that I didn’t want to cause any disruption by editing.

Thanks again for your continued support, kind words, and time. I’m absolutely floored that people listen to this podcast, and I’m grateful for every one of you.

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